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Sourcing Programme

Deko Industries and the members of Deko Consortium are interested to work with international buyers on the long term supply contract of their agrifood products.

We can supply the following products:

✓ Cassava: cassava chips, cassava starch, or any other cassava-by-products

✓ Soybean: raw soybean, processed soybean or any other soybean-by-products

✓ Sugarcane: semi-finished sugarcane products or any other sugarcane-by-products

✓ Castor oil: raw castor bean, processed castor oil or any other castor oil-by-products

✓ or any other agricultural raw materials or semi-finished agrifood Products

For further information

Please contact Deko Industries on WhatsApp or Email: info@dekoholding.com
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