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Deko Consortium


The objectives of Deko Consortium are:

✓ One Brand for all products manufactured by the consortium members

✓ Developing innovative process and products for the consortium members through Research and Development

✓ Cost sharing for daily operations: Data Center, Software/Application development, Cybersecurity, etc.

✓ Outsource to our members international contracts or grants



Deko Consortium develops and manages its brand name through:

✓ Influencers on the Social Media

✓ Joint-event with Business partners in the hospitality industry: Restaurants, Retailers, etc.

✓ Participation to the regional and international trade fairs

✓ Provide training to the Consortium members on the Quality Assurance

✓ On-site inspection in order to be sure that manufactured products matched buyers expectations and requirement



Deko Consortium will stay ahead of its competitors by developing cost effective innovations through:

✓ Nurturing and Incubating Agtech, Foodtech Startups

✓ Joint-research with International research organizations

✓ Conduct agricultural research under contracts for international partners

✓ Conduct pilot trial for international partners


Cost Sharing

With the digital economy, our digital resources have to be performance and cost effective therefore we aim to:

✓ Share cost among our members for the development and management of our Data Center, Software/Application, Cybersecurity, etc...

✓ Conduct regular assessment on the digital resources of our members to prevent any cyber-attack and ransomware

✓ Conduct regular cybersecurity training among members of the consortium


Consortium Membership


Founding Members

Founding members are the founders of Deko Consortium.

The Founding members develop public awareness on the Consortium with the Public and Private sectors worldwide.

In the founding year, the Founding members help the Consortium to quick start its operations with a starting capital and networking.


Senior Members

Senior members should have an annual gross revenue above 1 million USD. Moreover, its business and activities should bring synergy with Deko Consortium.

The Senior members develop public awareness on the Consortium with the Public and Private sectors in his country.


Junior Members

Junior members should have business and activities that bring synergy with Deko Consortium.

In coordination with its supervising Senior member, the Junior members develop public awareness on the Consortium with his business network.



The Board of Deko Consortium can grant a status of Observers to some companies that are interested to join Deko Consortium.

Observers don’t have to pay a membership fee.

The status of Observer is granted by the Board of Deko Consortium for 1 year. At the end of the 1 year period, the Board of Deko Consortium can granted a full membership (Senior or Junior) or decline the membership status.

For further information

Please contact Deko Industries on WhatsApp or Email: info@dekoholding.com
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