Management team

Deko Holding's Management team

Deko Holding is managed by a team of world-class executives, chosen for their experience and ability to connect emerging markets with developed markets for the benefit of our customers and to ensure the future of Deko Holding.


Mr. Eseosa Obadiaru
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Eseosa Obadiaru had a good knowledge of the African agro-food markets. Deko Holding will benefit from his professional network with prominent corporate executives in Africa and in the Middle East.


Kosona Chriv

Mr. Kosona Chriv
Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Kosona Chriv had more than 30 years of professional experiences in France, Southeast Asia and West Africa. He is an Expert in the management of Foreign Investment projects and in the management of R & D projects. He supervises Deko Holding operations in the Southeast Asia and in West Africa. He pay special attention to our corporate social responsibility and will ensure that our operations are environment friendly. Mr. Kosona Chriv had also wide network with corporate buyers in Europe and in the Asia pacific for our agro-food products.


Philip Mayhew

Mr. Philip Mayhew
R & D and Special Projects Director

Mr. Philip Mayhew had more than 30 years of professional experiences in France and in the Southeast Asia. He supervise the development of our agricultural facilities and manufacturing plants in Cambodia and in Nigeria.


Muthusamy Rajaram Gulothungan

Mr. Muthusamy Rajaram Gulothungan
Senior Agronomist

Mr. Gulothungan had more than 30 years of professional experiences in India and in West Africa. He supervises the development of our commercial agricultural plantations in Nigeria. In coordination with the R & D department, he will select the best seedling for our crops plantations.



Mrs. Tevy Chan

Mrs. Tevy Chan
General Manager

Mrs. Tevy Chan had more than 15 years of professional experiences in Human Resources and Corporate Finance. She supervises our head office in Singapore and coordinates with the Country Manager in Cambodia and in Nigeria.