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Open access articles on Agriculture

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Below are the articles in open access on agriculture that we recommend:

GeoFIS: An Open Source, Decision-Support Tool for Precision Agriculture Data
Authors: Corentin Leroux, Hazaël Jones, Léo Pichon, Serge Guillaume, Julien Lamour, James Taylor, Olivier Naud, Thomas Crestey, Jean-Luc Lablee and Bruno Tisseyre

Journal: Agriculture 2018, 8(6), 73;

Publisher: MDPI


A promising trend for field information collection: An air-ground multi-sensor monitoring system

Authors: Yawei Zhang, Du Chen, Shumao Wang, Lei Tian

Journal Title: Information Processing in Agriculture

ISSN: 2214-3173 (Online)

Publisher: Elsevier

Society/Institution: China Agricultural University