Agro-Food exports

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Products that Deko Holding will export under its own label/brand from its trading house in Singapore:

1. Cassava starch food grade and pharma grade (origin: Nigeria)

2. Refined Sugar (origin: Nigeria)

3. Cocoa bean and/or cocoa powder (origin: Nigeria)

4. Rice (origin: Cambodia)

5. Rice Protein for Cosmetic and Pharma (origin: Cambodia)

6. Coffee (origin: Cambodia/Nigeria)

7. Black pepper (origin: Cambodia)

8. Stevia (for the making of substitute to sugar) (origin: Nigeria)

9. Castor bean, crude castor oil, castor oil pharma grade (origin: Nigeria)

10. Frozen chicken meat (origin: Nigeria)

11. Frozen shrimp (origin: Nigeria, India, Vietnam)

12. Diary products (origin: Nigeria)

13. Soy beans (origin: Nigeria)

14. Crude Palm oil (origin: Nigeria)

15. Olive Oil (origin: Greece)

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil